Angostura Blood Orange & Bitters

Lemon, Lime & Bitters is the pre­vail­ing fla­vour of ready-to-drink bever­ages released by Angostura. At some inde­pend­ent super­mar­kets, though, there’s this Angostura Blood Orange & Bitters, a non-alco­hol­ic bever­age made from Angostura’s bit­ters and blood orange fla­vour. (A third fla­vour, Lime & Bitters by Angostura, rounds out the trio of fla­vours).

The bever­age is a trans­lu­cent orange-red col­our with a bright cit­rus nose and a mod­er­ate effer­ves­cence. Consumed ice-cold, the sweet­ness of blood orange comes through in the head before mel­low bit­ter notes emerge in the body to bal­ance the sweet­ness, leav­ing a pleas­antly aro­mat­ic fin­ish. As with fresh blood oranges, there’s only a very gentle acid­ity to the bever­age, mak­ing it all the more enjoy­able. Compared to the Lemon, Lime & Bitters by Angostura, the fla­vour here is bright­er and less sweet but well bal­anced and refresh­ing.

This bottle of Angostura Blood Orange & Bitters con­tained 330 ml. It was bottled in ?? and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.