Yeo’s Winter Melon Tea

Winter mel­on tea has a dis­tinct­ive taste that is incon­gru­ous with the fla­vour of the winter mel­on in the soups and stews pre­pared in Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine. The ‘tea’, or more accur­ately drink, is pre­pared by boil­ing peeled and deseeded winter mel­on slices in water with brown sug­ar for many hours.

Popular in homes and on streets in Asia, there’s this ready-to-drink Yeo’s Winter Melon Tea in Australia with water, cane sug­ar and winter mel­on juice (5%) as its main ingredi­ents.

The drink is a trans­lu­cent brown straw col­our with a sweet cane sug­ar nose. Served chilled, the sweet nutty fla­vour dis­tinct to winter mel­on tea is sus­tained through­out each sip. There’s lim­ited depth or com­plex­ity in fla­vour, with the sweet­ness recall­ing that of rock sug­ar and the nut­ti­ness resem­bling a sweet nutty pastry like baklava.The over­all fla­vour is immensely refresh­ing on a hot day, and there’s is noth­ing resem­bling the fla­vour or mouth­feel of the winter mel­on in soups and stews.

I’ve not had winter mel­on tea fresh from street stalls in Asia, but this does taste exactly like the winter mel­on tea served at Meet Fresh.

This box of Yeo’s Winter Melon Tea con­tained 250 ml. It was pro­duced in Malaysia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2016.