Ueno Fugetsudo Matcha Petites Gaufres


Ueno Fugetsudo is a long-estab­lished con­fec­tion­ery store in Tokyo, pro­du­cing Western and Japanese con­fec­tion­ery since 1747. One of their most pop­u­lar products is gaufre wafers. And here, we have Ueno Fugetsudo Matcha Petites Gaufres, part of their sea­son­al fla­vour series.


These gaufre wafers fea­ture a matcha cream sand­wiched between two ultra thin and crispy wafers that are stamped with their sig­na­ture pat­tern. These are petites, so smal­ler than the reg­u­lar gaufres.


Gaufre wafers are pro­duced using a meth­od called hasami yaki, a press-bak­ing meth­od ori­gin­ally developed for the thin Karlsbad sen­bei that Ueno Fugetsudo has been pro­du­cing since the late 1860s. This press-bak­ing involves pour­ing a high-water con­tent bat­ter onto a hot­plate and press­ing down with a second hot plate. A high-water con­tent bat­ter ensures a crunchy wafer that’s very thin.


These are the light­est, crunchi­est wafers I’ve had the pleas­ure of eat­ing. The wafers have a deli­ciously toasty, slightly car­a­mel­ised sweet­ness that’s per­fect for sand­wich­ing the rich and creamy matcha filling, which is fluffy as a cloud with a slight bit­ter­ness and lingers in the after­taste with the but­tery notes of the wafer. Being so light and so deli­cious, it’s easy to inhale the whole box at once. If only they didn’t have the price tag of omiy­age!

This box of Ueno Fugetsudo Matcha Petites Gaufres con­tained 6 packs each with 2 bis­cuits. It was pro­duced in Japan and gif­ted by fam­ily vis­it­ing Tokyo, Japan in 2016.