TJ Fresh Sushi, Ultimo

TJ Fresh Sushi is a pop­u­lar spot for Japanese food that’s tucked away in The Quadrant off Broadway.

Come lunch hour, a stream of office work­ers come in and order takeaway

This is the Medium Sushi and Sashimi ($18.00) with 6 pieces of sushi, 6 pieces of sashimi and 8 rolls.

The fish was fresh and the sal­mon hit the spot, but it wasn’t a sat­is­fy­ing exper­i­ence over­all. A few small but import­ant things just weren’t quite right. The rolls weren’t uni­form in shape, the tuna sashimi was sliced as to be steak thick, and the rice grains weren’t firm or sep­ar­ate and were under-vin­egared. Then the was­abi for the nigiri was not included between the fish and the rice, but as a dol­lop on the side. Together with the lettuce and lime, these were remind­ers that the res­taur­ant did not aim for authen­t­ic fla­vours.

N went for a wider selec­tion with the Sushi & Sashimi Bento ($23.00). It came with 7 pieces of sushi, 7 pieces of sashimi, 4 rolls, tem­pura, salad and miso soup. She enjoyed the sal­mon immensely. While the tem­pura was crispy, the bat­ter tasted oily both in terms of fla­vour and mouth­feel.

I’ve had pos­it­ive exper­i­ences with the food at Japanese res­taur­ants that are run by Koreans, like Kanzo Fresh Sushi in Parramatta. But TJ Fresh Sushi seems to adopt the gen­er­al appear­ance of Japanese food but heav­ily modi­fy it for an Anglo-Australian pal­ate, which also reflects their lunch hour cli­en­tele. The price is decent, but I’d return to a sushi train like Sushi Rio for a wholly sat­is­fy­ing exper­i­ence.

TJ Fresh Sushi is loc­ated at The Quadrant, 60A Mountain Street, Ultimo NSW 2007.