The Pie Tin, Newtown

The Pie Tin made such a good impres­sion with their slow roas­ted duck pie, that N and I agreed that to return at one point to give their sweet pies anoth­er try. And so we return some four months later. But not before we try some dif­fer­ent savoury pies –

This is the Chicken Carbonara Pie (savoury pies are $6.95 to $8.95) with mush­room.

The fla­vours of this pie were immensely enjoy­able, with the chick­en being juicy and tender, just on the right side of cooked, and the mush­rooms impart­ing their deli­cious umami. There was just a slight hint of cheese in the car­bon­ara sauce, which was odd, but the fla­vour was well bal­anced, giv­ing the pie just enough mois­ture. The pie crust was crispy and toasty all around.

N tries their Beef Brisket after hear­ing good things about it online.

She enjoy the pie, find­ing the brisket tender and juicy, with just enough mois­ture without the pie fall­ing apart or leak­ing every­where upon on eat­ing. The brisket was well seasoned, although a little too salty by the end. Overall, though, it was an enjoy­able pie that she’d eat again.

This time for dessert, N tries her luck with the Lemon Creme Brulee (sweet pies are $7.95-$8.95 per slice). We love a tangy and zesty lem­on fla­vour, but here, it tastes much like a cus­tard fla­voured with lem­on pub squash (or Solo by Schweppes). The tex­ture is smooth and creamy, but the fla­vour is all sweet­ness. Critically, the pie lacks the sug­ar crust that is quint­es­sen­tial to a creme bru­lee. There seems to be some attempt at torch­ing the top, but it has the same cus­tard tex­ture just with more car­a­mel­ised fla­vour.

I still had my heart set on The Apple Pie That Ate Newtown, but with that not on the menu when we vis­ited, I go for the Apple Crumble ($10.95).

The slice is a gen­er­ously deep with crispy apple slices piled high and ber­ries through­out to give it the purple tinge. The cin­na­mon was pro­nounced, but still enjoy­able. While I enjoyed the innards, the pastry was very under­cooked through­out and the crumble tasted very floury, without the crispy crust and toasty crumble expec­ted from an apple crumble.

So in the future, we’ll vis­it The Pie Tin for the savoury pies and go else­where in Newtown for dessert. And there is no short­age of options!

The Pie Tin is at 1a Brown St, Newtown NSW 2042.