The Dough Collective, Sydney

These days it’s a little dif­fi­cult to get into the Easter spir­it when super­mar­kets start selling their hot cross buns the day after Christmas. One way to get my atten­tion, though, is matcha. And at The Dough Collective, you can find clas­sic, chocol­ate choc chip and matcha red bean hot cross buns. They’re 6 for $6.50 or 1 for $1.80.

Starting off with the Original, The Dough Collective’s ver­sion has orange rind and rais­ins scattered through­out. While the fruit may look a little sparse, it was just enough to bring the cit­rus and sweet rais­in fla­vour through­out the bite without over­whelm­ing. The bread is tender, but it lacks the ‘clas­sic’ taste of the spiced dough. Usually, the cross on the bun is a high­light for me being chewy and/​or crispy, but here it wasn’t note­worthy in the least.

Next up, the Chocolate Choc Chip was packed with chocol­ate fla­vour, using a dark chocol­ate for the dough and melt-in-your-mouth dark chocol­ate chips through­out to make for a truly dec­ad­ent chocol­ate treat. Again, as with all items at The Dough Collective, the bread is beau­ti­fully tender.

And finally, the Matcha with soft and sweet red and green bean through not. While the bun was a beau­ti­ful green, the matcha fla­vour doesn’t hit you in the face, and is rather subtle, com­ing through only at the end of each mouth­feel as a faint veget­al fla­vour. The sweet beans add pops of sweet­ness and nutty fla­vour.

And since I was already there, I try the Matcha Surprise ($1.80) with the same matcha bread but here with a white chocol­ate filling. The matcha fla­vour was lack­ing again although the white chocol­ate brought a pleas­ant sweet­ness in lieu of the sweet beans in the hot cross bun.

So, while the matcha hot cross buns lured me into the store, I’m not too impressed by their offer­ing. The chocol­ate choco chip hot cross bun was the standout, while the matcha hot cross bun lacked matcha fla­vour, and the ori­gin­al hot cross bun lacked spice.

The Dough Collective is at G5/​614 George St, Sydney NSW 2000.