The Choc Pot, Sydney

The Choc Pot expan­ded into the Sydney CBD mid-2016. It’s much more con­veni­ent than Burwood, but we didn’t jump at the oppor­tun­ity to vis­it as we’d avoided any­thing too heavy for dessert for much of 2016. It had always been quiet when we walked past it to Chanoma oppos­ite it.

In the mood for carbs, I try the S’more Nuts ($14.00), a ‘homemade crunchy waffle with TCP’s nutty but­ter and melted Belgian chocol­ate, topped with roas­ted hazel­nuts and toasted homemade marsh­mal­lows.

I was hop­ing for some­thing along the lines of their Super Terrific Happy Time, but alas, these waffles tasted like pea­nut but­ter on warmed bread. I don’t know if it’s the loc­a­tion but these just weren’t up to scratch. The waffles were crunchy only in a few corners. Perhaps the pea­nut but­ter fla­vour comes from the ‘nutty but­ter’ used to make them, but there was no trace of roas­ted hazel­nuts and the marsh­mal­lows weren’t fluffy. Strangely enough, the marsh­mal­lows could be cut cleanly with a dry knife and every­one knows marsh­mal­lows are sticky!

T tries The Secret Garden ($12.00). It’s a mousse con­sist­ing of ‘a rich Callebaut dark chocol­ate lay­er and a light and fluffy Callebaut white chocol­ate lay­er with crispy sur­prises’. T enjoyed the smooth mousse but found it too rich by the second half even with the fresh­ness from the straw­berry.

To go with my waffles is this Turkish Delight Black Tea ($5.00), a black tea fla­voured with rose and chocol­ate. It’s still the per­fect tea for pair­ing with rich desserts.

T pairs his mousse with a White Peach Black Tea ($5.00). The tea has bright notes of white peach, which is impress­ive for the del­ic­ate fla­vour of white peach and the bold rich­ness of black tea, that comes through in the smell and taste of the tea. The nat­ur­al sweet­ness of black tea pairs well with the white peach, although it’s best to drink this tea quickly as the bit­ter­ness devel­ops as the specks of loose leaf that escaped the infuser con­tin­ue to steep in the pot des­pite remov­ing the infuser.

There are new frozen drinks on the menu and nev­er one to pass up pear fla­voured foods, N tries the Raspberry & Pear. While the drink looks the part of rasp­berry and pear, the unfor­tu­nate addi­tion of mint meant that any hint of those fla­vours was drowned out. Indeed, there was only the slight­est hint of rasp­berry at the end of each sip, and rasp­berry is usu­ally a fla­vour that comes through strongly, although pear doesn’t so much.

The Choc Pot is at Regent Place, 501 George St, Sydney NSW 2000.