Senjaku Yamagata La France Pear Gummy

La France Pears are a pop­u­lar vari­ety of pear ori­gin­at­ing in France and cul­tiv­ated in Japan in Yamagata Prefecture, known for their dis­tinct­ive fra­grance and sweet and juicy fla­vour. It’s rare to find pear, let alone La France Pear, fla­voured foods in Australia and while it’s not pre­val­ent in Japan either, we find it fla­vour­ing ramune as well as here in Senjaku Yamagata La France Pear Gummy.

Each gummy is about 2.5 cm in dia­met­er with a firm out­er coat and a soft inner core, and a col­la­gen con­tent of 1000mg. Many brands of gummy candy in Japan are mar­keted to Japanese women who are obsessed with the pur­por­ted skin­care bene­fits of col­la­gen.

These gummy have a film of corn­starch cling­ing to their sur­face that masks the ini­tial hit of the pear fla­vour in the gummy. But as the powder dis­solves, the fla­vour of pear comes through with a firm and bouncy gummy tex­ture that gives a sat­is­fy­ing res­ist­ance when bit­ten. As the out­er coat dis­solves, the fla­vour builds to recall the rich sweet taste of fresh juicy pears. The inner core is soft like a gooey jelly but does not have any fla­vour of its own, sug­gest­ing it’s where the col­la­gen is con­cen­trated. The gummy leaves no after­taste.

Cornstarch film aside, I enjoy these elu­sive pear-fla­voured gum­mies. I’d be happy with just the firm out­er coat form­ing the entire gummy, but I do enjoy the change in tex­tures.

This bag of Senjaku Yamagata La France Pear Gummy con­tained 40 grams or 10 pieces. It was pro­duced in Japan and pur­chased in Okayama, Japan in 2015.