S&B Soup no Oujisama Corn Pottage

Powered soups are uni­ver­sally ter­rible in Australia. The fla­vour of corn starch is always prom­in­ent and jar­ring to the inten­ded fla­vour of the soup. Corn starch sup­posedly thick­ens the soup, which it does some­what, but almost always leaves a strangely gluggy and watery mess. I’d heard that Japanese powdered soups fared bet­ter in the fla­vour depart­ment, so I tried my luck with this S&B Soup no Oujisama Corn Pottage. I love corn.

There are simple instruc­tions on the back of the box and on each sachet, with illus­tra­tions to back them up.

Empty the sachet of powdered soup into a bowl.

Add 100 ml of just boiled water to the powder. Stir for 15 seconds until the soup thick­ens.

The final soup is a beau­ti­ful pale yel­low with a com­fort­ing smell of sweet corn. On tast­ing, the soup has a smooth mouth­feel and pleas­antly robust sweet corn fla­vour with a well-bal­anced salt­i­ness. The soup thick­ens up nicely but notes of corn­starch, the thicken­er used, under­tone the fla­vour through, although it’s not as prom­in­ent as in the powdered soups I’ve tried in Western super­mar­kets. This would be an enjoy­able soup to curl up with on a cold day with the addi­tion of some corn ker­nels for tex­ture.

As the corn pot­tage fla­vour is stronger in the powder, this has poten­tial as a season­ing for French fries like the ones at First Kitchen in Japan.

This box of S&B Soup no Oujisama Corn Pottage con­tained 3 sachets. It was pro­duced in Japan and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2016.