Lupicia Ripe Mango Oolong

Mangoes are asso­ci­ated with melt­ing hot sum­mers. This Lupicia Ripe Mango Oolong infuses the fla­vour of ripe man­goes into an oolong so that its sweet, trop­ic­al and juicy fla­vour can be enjoyed as a tea dur­ing the winter months. This is great as the heat of the sum­mer months sees a dra­mat­ic decrease in my tea con­sump­tion.

Steeping 2.5 grams of looseleaf in 200ml of water at 85°C for 3.5 minutes yields a trans­lu­cent yel­low-green liquor with a sweet trop­ic­al nose. Served hot, the fra­grant fla­vour of ripe mango with a mel­low nat­ur­al sweet­ness much like that of the dried fruit come through ahead of the slightly veget­al and round car­a­mel notes of a lightly oxid­ised oolong. The tea tastes much more refresh­ing than its sweet nose and fin­ishes with a clean oolong lightly scen­ted with mango.

The trop­ic­al fla­vour of this oolong is per­fect iced dur­ing sum­mer but just as suited to autumn as a deli­cious remind­er of the sea­son just past when the weath­er starts to cool.

This bag of Lupicia Ripe Mango Oolong con­tained 50 g. The tea ori­gin­ated in Taiwan and was pur­chased in Tokyo, Japan in 2014.