Nestle Scorched Almonds


Nestle Scorched Almonds are the sig­na­ture gift­ing choice for D’s grand­moth­er who lives in New Zealand. Essentially, you’ll enjoy many boxes of this as you know her. As a long-time Kiwi favour­ite (since the 1930s) that’s made in New Zealand, it’s a sound choice to make your sig­na­ture gift to those from over­seas.


Each box of Scorched Almonds con­tains ~32 roas­ted whole almonds covered in 5 mm of shiny milk chocol­ate. Each chocol­ate-covered almond is 2.5 – 3cm in length, so a bit big­ger than the mini eggs dur­ing Easter.


These chocol­ate-covered almonds smell like sweet milk chocol­ate, and the greatest pleas­ure is sink­ing your teeth into the lux­uri­ously thick, firm but not hard, milk chocol­ate, which melts to a creamy smooth­ness as you reach the roas­ted almond centre. Nuts are known to be the per­fect pair­ing for chocol­ate, and these are no excep­tion, releas­ing a crunchy, roas­ted nutty fla­vour as you enjoy the rest of the gen­er­ous coat of chocol­ate.

Ordinarily, you might say 5 mm of chocol­ate sur­round­ing an almond is a skewed ratio, but here it works to elev­ate the mouth­feel without push­ing the fla­vour and tex­ture of the roas­ted almond into the back­ground.

This box of Nestle Scorched Almonds con­tained 240 g. It was pro­duced in New Zealand and gif­ted by fam­ily vis­it­ing from Auckland, New Zealand in 2016.