Mishka Tasty Apple Lychee Vodka

The prime years for party­ing — late teens to early twen­ties — coin­cided, for me, with the Australian Government increas­ing taxes on alco­pops in an effort to stop binge drink­ing of the drinks by teen­agers. It was all over the news for many years, but I paid it little heed. Alcohol is a very occa­sion­al drink for me — I try alco­hol out of curi­os­ity for the numer­ous vari­ety of fruity fla­vours rather than for the buzz, so I’ve nev­er felt com­pelled to fill up on the ever-pop­u­lar Barcadi Breezers or Vodka Cruisers.

Fast for­ward ten years, though, and my weak­ness for any­thing lychee-fla­voured finds me try­ing this Mishka Tasty Apple Lychee Vodka.

The vodka is bril­liant fluor­es­cent green with a sweet apple fla­vour. Served chilled, the drink is pleas­antly effer­ves­cent, with the candy sweet fla­vour of green apples fea­tur­ing prom­in­ently through­out with a hint of alco­hol­ic bit­ter­ness the back­ground. Floral and trop­ic­al notes of lychee are absent, while the apple fla­vour recalls the Green Apple Hi-Chew without the crisp apple acid­ity that brings a pleas­ant tart­ness to a fresh apple fla­vour. For all that, the candy sweet­ness makes it easy to drink, but the arti­fi­cial apple fla­vour — not fresh as in a cider — and the absence of even a hint of lychee makes it unlikely that’d we repur­chase.

This bottle of Mishka Tasty Apple Lychee Vodka con­tained 275 ml. It was bottled in France and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.