Max Brenner Pure Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

Easter eggs seem very much a sea­son­al con­fec­tion­ary for chil­dren. But with Easter eggs gra­cing super­mar­ket shelves for four months of each year, it’s an ongo­ing habit for me to jok­ingly ask D for an Easter egg each year, only for him to play­fully refuse because we both know Easter eggs are really marked up every­day chocol­ates moul­ded into a dif­fer­ent shape. This year, though D sur­prised me with a Max Brenner Pure Milk Chocolate Easter Egg that he’d been gif­ted by a col­league.

The egg has a smooth sur­face with a richly smooth milk chocol­ate fla­vour. At room tem­per­at­ure, the chocol­ate is firm but doesn’t have the shards of chocol­ate do not break off crisply. Compared to the cheap­er Cadbury chocol­ate Easter eggs, though, the chocol­ate is notice­ably high­er in qual­ity with a rich­er chocol­ate fla­vour.

This Max Brenner Pure Milk Chocolate Easter Egg con­tained 40 g. It was pro­duced in Australia and gif­ted by col­leagues in Sydney, Australia in 2017.