Lotte Koala’s March Matcha


Koalas are one of Japan’s most pop­u­lar exot­ic anim­als. Its sup­posed resemb­lance to a (car­toon) bear, makes it a prime can­did­ate for the affec­tion of a cul­ture so inves­ted in the kawaii. Indeed, the web­site for the Australian Koala Foundation, a con­ser­va­tion group for koalas, is fully func­tion­al in the Japanese langauge.

And so it is that these Lotte Koala’s March Matcha have a cute car­toon koala as their mas­cot. Sales of Koala’s March sup­port the Australian con­ser­va­tion group Australian Koala Foundation.


Each bag is dec­or­ated with koalas sport­ing vari­ous facial expres­sions and con­tains 11 matcha creme filled cook­ies in the shape of a koala.


Not only is the cook­ie in the shape of a koala, each cook­ie is stamped with a pic­ture of a koala on the out­side of the cook­ie doing vari­ous activ­it­ies.


Fragrant veget­al notes of sweet matcha come through on open­ing the pack­aging. Biting into each koala shaped bis­cuit gives a pleas­ant crunch before reach­ing the soft matcha cream. The cream has a slight chew­iness with a mel­low matcha fla­vour that’s eas­ily iden­ti­fi­able as green tea with a bal­anced sweet­ness and without any bit­ter­ness. The cream melts by the end of the bite, leav­ing a sweet after­taste with slight linger­ing notes of matcha.

I enjoy these Lotte Koala’s March Matcha, although the mel­low matcha fla­vour is suited more to the pal­ate of the young­er audi­ence at which these are tar­geted. I’d prefer a more robust matcha fla­vour with a hint of bit­ter­ness.

This box of Lotte Koala’s March Matcha con­tained 10 bags each with 11 pieces. It was pro­duced in Japan and was sourced from Hong Kong in 2015.