Costi’s @ Westpoint, Blacktown


Costi’s @ Westpoint sells sea­food first and fore­most. And where bet­ter to get fish and chips than from a shop that really knows it’s sea­food?


They’re loc­ated on the bot­tom floor of Westpoint Shopping Centre oppos­ite the fruit mar­ket and next to Aldi.


Crunchy foods trig­ger the release of sero­ton­in and crumbed fish and chips ($6.90, or $4.50 without chips) hits just the spot.


…as does their battered fish and chips ($6.90, or $4.50 without chips).


The crumb and the bat­ter are golden and crispy, while the fish is flakey just the way we like it. The battered fish looks juici­er than the crumbed, with a com­pletely dif­fer­ent appear­ance, but they both taste deli­cious. Neither are as juicy or crispy as the fish we had from the Blue Mountains Hotel, though, which are the best fish and chips we’ve had to date. The chips have a good crispy skin and fluffy well-cooked innards and no sog­gi­ness.


The accom­pa­ny­ing tartare sauce is house­made and sets itself apart with hints of cel­ery and car­rot that give the tartare a sharp­ness to the creamy tart­ness.


And because no meal is every com­plete without dessert, this is a pine­apple frit­ter ($1.20).


The pine­apple frit­ter is a canned pine­apple ring covered in a thin bat­ter, deep fried and dus­ted with cin­na­mon sug­ar. It smells exactly like a cin­na­mon dough­nut, and tastes much like a crispy dough­nut with a pine­apple filling in its ring, only with the deli­cious bite of real pine­apple rather than the cream you expect in donuts.

Costi’s @ Westpoint is loc­ated at Shop 10750, Westpoint Shopping Centre, 17 Patrick St, Blacktown NSW 2148.