Choc Chip Hot Cakes, McDonald’s, Sydney

McDonald’s came out with a twist on their hot­cakes — choc chip hot­cakes ($1.00 each) — at the end of 2016.

These hot cakes, sold indi­vidu­ally, came sep­ar­ately in their own paper bag rather than a tray and without the maple syr­up and whipped but­ter accom­pa­ny­ing the usu­al hot cakes. And with each choc chip hot­cake gen­er­ously stud­ded with mol­ten choc chips and full of but­tery fla­vour like a good pike­let, there’s no need for the extra sweet­ness or but­ter­i­ness. These are more of a dessert than break­fast, but that’s not much dif­fer­ent from their usu­al hot­cakes and indeed they’re less sweet than a maple syr­up soaked pan­cake.

At $1.00 each, they’re cheap­er than usu­al hot­cakes ($4.20 for 3 hot­cakes + maple syr­up + whipped but­ter) and an added dessert option with their all-day break­fast menu.

Choc Chip Hotcakes appeared on McDonald’s menus in Sydney, Australia dur­ing December 2016.