Burger Project, Sydney and Macquarie Park

It’s always a good time for a bur­ger for T. Or a steak, for that mat­ter. So on a wet — but super wel­come after a heat­stroke-indu­cing 2 days of — summer’s day, we take T to Burger Project.

Not much has changed since N and my first vis­it, oth­er than the addi­tion of chick­en katsu bur­gers. Why mix things up when you’ve got a menu that works, right?

We start with Large Chips ($5.50) with chi­potle chilli salt. The chips are crispy on the out­side with fluffy innards. The salt has a respect­able heat and fla­vour to it.

Wanting to try some­thing dif­fer­ent from the Cheese & Bacon, I load up on my favour­ite meat — pork — with The Bacon Project ($13.90).

It has innards of ‘grass fed beef, loads of bacon, cheese, pickles, onions and secret sauce’.

This is def­in­itely a bacon bur­ger with rash­ers of smoked bacon, juicy yet crispy on the edges. The beef patty takes a back seat in this bur­ger, although its juicy ten­der­ness comes through in the tex­ture. I’m still fond of the pickles at Burger Project as they bring a much-needed fresh­ness to the bur­ger, while the milk bun was soft, and the cheese brought all the fla­vours togeth­er well.

N and T try the Deluxe ($13.90) with innards of grass fed beef, crumbed con­fit mush­room, cheese, onions, pickles, tomato, lettuce and secret sauce.

It has every non-meat option in it and neg­ates N’s com­ment to T pri­or to vis­it­ing that he’d prob­ably be dis­ap­poin­ted by the size of the bur­gers at Burger Project based on our earli­er exper­i­ence. They both enjoyed the bur­ger and we were all sur­prised that the mush­room com­pon­ent was a whole por­to­bello mush­room, not cubes of cut up mush­rooms. The only room for improve­ment was the size of the bun — a big­ger bun would’ve car­ried the gen­er­ous innards bet­ter without being squashed paper thin and fall­ing apart.

Unfortunately, it seems that the over­sized mush­room was an anom­aly that day as sub­sequent vis­its by N to the branch in the City and by myself to the branch in Macquarie Park saw a much smal­ler mush­room.

And finally, D tries the Fried Chicken & Bacon Katsu ($13.90) with free range chick­en, smoked bacon, coleslaw, pickles, lettuce & katsu sauce.

The over­all fla­vour of the bur­ger is Japanese, mainly as a res­ult of the chick­en katsu and the sauce. The chick­en is deli­ciously juicy and tender with the bacon adding a more­ish smoky fla­vour and the greens adding fresh­ness. This is a win­ner.

As for drinks, I try their Strawberry House Soda ($4.50). It tastes much like a straw­berry sauce/​jam with soda water right down to the straw­berry seeds and pulpy bits. This meth­od of mak­ing the drink is a good thing — you also make yuzu tea with marmalade — and I quite enjoy its refresh­ing sweet­ness.

Burger Project is at World Square Centre, Level 1, Shop 11.06644 George St, Sydney NSW 2000 and Macquarie Centre, Level 4, Shop 4404A, Cnr Herring Rd & Waterloo Rd, Macquarie Park NSW 2112.