Bourke Street Bakery, Parramatta


Popular baker­ies and patis­ser­ies always have optim­al time for vis­it­ing where they’ll have their full range avail­able. Come too early and some items won’t have fin­ished bak­ing, and come too late and half the items would have sold out. Worse yet, the shop will have closed for the day. That’s the case with Bourke Street Bakery in Parramatta. It’s been open for a good long time now (so long that it’s moved from its ori­gin­al loc­a­tion), but I’d always been there too late.

This time, we were there bright and early at 10am, just before an engage­ment at mid­day.


This is their Beef Brisket, Red Wine & Mushroom Pie ($5.50). D enjoyed this, with just the right amount of sauce to keep the pie togeth­er and keep the innards moist. The fla­vour was decent, although it wasn’t some­thing spe­cial to return for.


With my love for egg­plant, I try their Eggplant, Spinach & Chick Pea & Feta Sausage Roll ($4.80).


The pastry is flaky and hot, with the fla­vours of spin­ach and feta com­ing through and whole chick peas scattered through­out giv­en some tex­tur­al interest. Unfortunately, I could not taste the egg­plant, which would have giv­en the roll a wel­come tooth­some bite, like the egg­plant and hum­mus bur­ekka at Kurtosh.


This is the Pear Danish ($4.50). The slices of pear retained a good bite, although the pastry wasn’t at all crispy or flaky (des­pite appear­ances), but soft with the base very dense (like uncooked pastry)


This is Orange Curd and Toasted Coconut Meringue Tart ($4.50). I was keen to try their curd tarts as I’d pre­vi­ously been impressed by their white chocol­ate, pas­sion­fruit & meringue tart in Surry Hills.

This tart had an enjoy­able tangy orange cit­rus curd. The meringue is very fluffy, with a gritty tex­ture from the toasted desic­cated coconut. A tex­tured meringue is inter­est­ing, but I prefer the tex­ture to be more marsh­mal­low than grit. That said, the tart had a crispy and impossibly thin base.

On a sep­ar­ate vis­it, this is the Rhubarb Danish ($5.50). It’s taken me some time to appre­ci­ate rhu­barb — a veget­able — as a poten­tial dessert ingredi­ent.

The pastry has a more­ish but­tery fla­vour, while the rhu­barb provides a gentle sweet­ness with some tex­ture atop a mildly sweet cus­tard.

I fol­low it with the Lemon Curd ($4.50).

I enjoyed the crispy and thick­er base to this lem­on curd tart. The curd had just the right sweet­ness to counter the sour­ness of the lem­on, although it was a quite runny.

And finally, this is the Chocolate & Sour Cherry Cookie ($4.50).

The cook­ie is slightly chewy with a rich chocol­ate fla­vour. The sour cher­ries are scattered spar­ingly through­out, adding pops of acid­ity and tex­ture, although I wasn’t too keen on their preserved/​dried fruit fla­vour.


And to fin­ish off, this is their Pear Vanilla Iced Tea ($4.00). I had high hopes for this tea, but sadly, it tastes like an overly sweetened vanilla black tea with slight fruity notes that aren’t iden­ti­fi­able as pear.


Service is quick on a week­end morn­ing. Staff auto­mat­ic­ally assume all cus­tom­ers are get­ting takeaway (des­pite the numer­ous tables both inside and out­side, but are happy to provide plates and cut­lery upon request.

Bourke Street Bakery is loc­ated at 186 – 190, 1 Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150.