UHA Mikakuto Kororo Blueberry

The UHA Mikakuto Kororo Grape is a main­stay fla­vour along with mus­cat. They are, after all, the fruits from which the appear­ance and tex­ture of the candy find its inspir­a­tion. These UHA Mikakuto Kororo Blueberry take on the same format and were a lim­ited fla­vour that’s since been replaced by rock­mel­on.

Unlike the grape and mus­cat fla­vours, these Kororo do not use 100% fruit juice. Instead, the fla­vour is dis­tin­guished by the addi­tion of chia seeds. Soaked chia seeds, as here, absorb liquid and become very plump, sweet and soft like tapioca pearls.

These Kororo have an arti­fi­cial smell that recalls blue rasp­berry or blue­berry fla­voured Aeroplane jelly. Biting through the mem­brane releases a sim­il­ar intense blue rasp­berry fla­vour in the head, but past this ini­tial intens­ity, the fla­vour mel­lows and the sweet-sour notes of fresh blue­ber­ries are appar­ent in the body. The gummy melts to a thick, smooth tex­ture towards the end of the body and leaves no after­taste. So, while the Kororo doesn’t resemble the appear­ance of a fresh blue­berry, the mem­brane does recall the skin and the gummy, the flesh, to an extent.

This bag of UHA Mikakuto Kororo Blueberry con­tained 10 pieces. It was pro­duced in Japan and pur­chased in Okayama, Japan in 2015.