St Dalfour Strawberry Rose Green Tea

St Dalfour was always known only to me for its fruit spreads that come in nar­row and tall jars, so I was sur­prised to dis­cov­er their range of fla­voured leaf teas. This here is St Dalfour Strawberry Rose Green Tea. Their jams are sold at a premi­um, so it stands to reas­on that they pay the same atten­tion to their pro­duc­tion of tea.

Steeping one tea bag in 200 ml of 80°C water, the tea has is a golden straw col­our with a sweet and fruity nose. Vegetal notes of green tea come through at the start of each sip ahead of very pleas­ant and mel­low rose notes at the start of the body fol­lowed by the sweeter fruity notes of straw­berry before the veget­al notes of green tea return in a very lightly astrin­gent fin­ish, leav­ing almost no after­taste. The tea is unsweetened, so the light astrin­gency and the straw­berry notes bring a gentle sweet­ness that’s well suited to pair­ing with desserts.

Overall, Strawberry Rose Green Tea is enjoy­able as an every­day sort of tea although the fla­vour is not as full-bod­ied and smooth as loose left teas rose and straw­berry teas, like T2 Gorgeous Geisha.

This box of St Dalfour Strawberry Rose Green Tea con­tained 50 g or 25 envel­opes. The tea ori­gin­ated in Sri Lanka and was pur­chased online from the United States of America in 2016.