Nokchawon Green Tea Latte

Matcha latte by Korean brands has a dis­tinctly dif­fer­ent fla­vour to those by Japanese and Taiwanese brands. The fla­vour is mel­low­er and sweeter with almost none of the veget­al notes that define matcha. I sub­con­sciously knew this from my taste at Hello Happy, Strathfield, but con­veni­ently for­got about it when I decided to try the Nokchawon Green Tea Latte to com­pare with the Taiwanese Greenmax Matcha Au Lait.

Dissolving one 13 g stick in 80 ml of hot water yields an opaque yel­low green liquor that smells faintly of matcha. On drink­ing, there is none of the veget­al notes of matcha at all, with the only trace of matcha com­ing through as a bit­ter­ness in the back­ground to the sick­en­ingly sweet and prom­in­ent dairy fla­vour and a powdery mouth­feel that is sus­tained from the first sip right through to the after­taste. Indeed, the sweet milky after­taste is so unpleas­ant that it begs to be chased by a big gulp of water.

Honestly, after the first stick — there are 10 in each box — I wasn’t sure I could fin­ish the rest and that hap­pens rarely to me. Even when a tea doesn’t taste amaz­ing or great, it’s almost nev­er been as offens­ive to my pal­ate as this one. I can even stom­ach soft drinks fla­voured with win­ter­green that recall lini­ments like Tiger Balm or Voltaren. But not this; this is dis­gust­ing.

This box of Nokchawon Green Tea Latte con­tained 10 sticks of 13 g. It was pro­duced in Korea and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.