Nestle KitKat Mint Chocolate Biscuit


Having decided that the Dark Chocolate Biscuit KitKat by Nestle Japan made with the UK recipe were sick­en­ingly sweet, the Nestle KitKat Mint Chocolate Biscuit fares bet­ter. These con­sist of ‘two crisp wafer bis­cuit fin­gers covered with mint fla­voured milk chocol­ate’.

Each two-fin­ger por­tion is indi­vidu­ally wrapped in sil­ver foil and an out­er paper band, which releases the pleas­ant smell of mint and milk chocol­ate once removed. The mint fla­voured milk chocol­ate melts to a creamy and smooth con­sist­ency as it hits your tongue, releas­ing a healthy mint fla­vour and a sweet milk chocol­ate fla­vour. As with the dark chocol­ate, the sweet­ness is sweeter than I’d prefer, but this is countered by the mint, which leaves a long after­taste again, but one that’s pleas­antly fresh with the mint linger­ing long after the mel­low notes of chocol­ate has dis­ap­peared in the after­taste.

Indeed, the fla­vour is much like an after-din­ner mint, or more accur­ately, an Arnott’s Mint Slice, without as intense a fla­vour as from the mint cream. Compared to the Choc Mint Whirl KitKat from Australia, this UK recipe is less creamy with a less bright mint fla­vour. That said, I would eat these again.

This pack­age of Nestle KitKat Mint Chocolate Biscuit con­tained 8 two-fin­ger bars. It was pro­duced in the United Kingdom and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2016.