Nestle KitKat Dark Chocolate Biscuit


Much of the world knows KitKat as a main­stay of the con­fec­tion­ary aisle, but in the United Kingdom they take up prom­in­ent pos­i­tions in the bis­cuit aisle. So for the short peri­od in 2016 when Woolworths sold KitKat impor­ted from the UK and made using the UK recipe, they also appeared in our bis­cuit aisles sep­ar­ated from its Australian KitKat cous­ins. There’s are Nestle KitKat Dark Chocolate Biscuit, con­sist­ing of ‘two crisp wafer bis­cuit fin­gers covered with dark chocol­ate’.

Each two-fin­ger por­tion is indi­vidu­ally wrapped in sil­ver foil and an out­er paper band, the old-style pack­aging for KitKat in the UK until 2001 when switched to flow wrap plastic like all oth­er regions. The smell of sweet dark chocol­ate comes through, but on tast­ing, the dark chocol­ate does not melt and sits idly on your tongue until bit­ten into. Once bit­ten into, the toasty wafer fla­vour comes through ini­tially before an overly sweetened bit­ter dark chocol­ate slowly melts to a slightly gritty that’s not creamy and over­whelms the pal­ate, leav­ing a sick­en­ingly sweet and long after­taste.

As for wheth­er these are more bis­cuit than con­fec­tion­ary, their appear­ance and tex­ture are famil­i­ar with no dis­tin­guish­ing dif­fer­ences. Compared to the Otona no Amasa Black KitKat from Japan, this UK recipe falls short in bal­an­cing the sweet­ness and bit­ter­ness in the dark chocol­ate..

This pack­age of Nestle KitKat Dark Chocolate Biscuit con­tained 8 two-fin­ger bars. It was pro­duced in the United Kingdom and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2016.