Montague Fresh Jazz Sparkling Apple Juice

After Fuji apples, Royal Gala apples are a favour­ite due to their sweet and firm, dense flesh. Jazz apples com­bine these qual­it­ies of Royal Gala with the tangy fla­vour of Braeburn apples to deliv­er a crunchy and effer­ves­cent fruit. And this here is Montague Fresh Jazz Sparkling Apple Juice, a non-alco­hol­ic, fizzy apple juice made from only Jazz apples using the tra­di­tion­al rack and cloth meth­od of extract­ing juice.

The juice is a trans­lu­cent pale yel­low with a sweet apple nose. On tast­ing, the juice has a refresh­ing apple fla­vour that’s crisp and sweet through­out with a light acid­ity in the body. The gentle acid­ity in the sweet­ness dis­tin­guishes it from oth­er apple juices, leav­ing a pleas­antly clean apple after­taste on the pal­ate. This is one of the most enjoy­able apple juices with an over­all fla­vour that reminds of an apple cider without the alco­hol­ic notes.

This apple juice is a premi­um product ordin­ar­ily retail­ing for $8.00 for 4 x 330 ml cans, so while deli­ciously refresh­ing, it’s best to wait until it goes on sale although wheth­er it’s read­ily avail­able at your loc­al super­mar­ket is prob­ably the big­ger issue.

This can of Montague Fresh Jazz Sparkling Apple Juice con­tained 330 ml. It was bottled in Australia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.