Madame Flavour Blood Orange Herbal Infusion

Fruit tisanes almost always have hibis­cus, apple and rose­hip as its base. This base works bet­ter for fruits with a dis­tinct fla­vour to hold its own against the tart (hibis­cus), sweet (apple) and acid­ic (rose­hip) base. This here is Madame Flavour Blood Orange Herbal Infusion, ‘a fruity blend of apple, orange peel, rose­hip and hibis­cus’.

infus­ing one tea bag in 200ml of 85°C water for 4 minutes yields a trans­lu­cent bril­liant red liquor with an aro­mat­ic fruity cit­rus nose. The sharp­er fla­vours of blood orange come through sweetly in the head ahead of a tart­ness from the hibis­cus that devel­ops in the body to mouth puck­er­ing acid­ity — the kind where eat­ing sour foods causes your mouth to sal­iv­ate pro­fusely– by the fin­ish with the slightly bit­ter notes of blood orange return­ing to leave a fresh cit­rus after­taste.

Overall, this is a very enjoy­able infu­sion with the sharp­er, more aro­mat­ic and nat­ur­ally acid­ic fla­vours of the blood orange being bold enough to hold their own against the char­ac­ter­ist­ic hibis­cus, rose­hip and apple back­drop of tisanes. The infu­sion is refresh­ing chilled on a hot day with a more bal­anced fla­vour when sweetened.

This box of Madame Flavour Blood Orange Herbal Infusion con­tained 16 pyr­am­ids. It was packed in Sri Lanka and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2016.