Fuze Tea Juicy Peach Black Tea

Commercially avail­able pre-mixed teas are, without fail, too sweet. I’m not keen to pur­chase these teas, but when they’re giv­en out as free samples at your loc­al shop­ping centre, I’m not one to pass up try­ing new drinks. This here is Fuze Tea Juicy Peach Black Tea.

The tea is a golden brown col­our with a fruity peach nose. The tea tastes much like how it smells, with a strong peach fla­vour — pleas­antly sweet and lightly acid­ic — com­ing through in the head against a smooth back­ground of black tea, before a more intense — almost unpleas­ant — sweet­ness emerges at the end of the body that recalls the overly bold rich­ness of a sweetened black tea, and to a less­er extent, teas sweetened arti­fi­cially as in the case of many teas by Healtheries. A sweet peach after­taste lingers with a hint of astrin­gency.

Overall, the intense sweet­ness in the body of this tea ruined my enjoy­ment.

This bottle of Fuze Tea Juicy Peach Black Tea con­tained 350 ml. It was bottled in Australia and received as a sample in Sydney, Australia in 2017.