Hakiki Turkish Ice Cream, Newtown


A vis­it to Hakiki Turkish Ice Cream is always an enjoy­able exper­i­ence with thought­fully developed Turkish-inspired fla­vours that can’t be had else­where in gelato form, let alone in don­durma form.


A small cup ($5) comes with two fla­vours, and the staff are happy for you to sample before com­mit­ting to a fla­vour in a cup.


Their Caramelised Fig & Walnut delivered on the sticky fruity sweet­ness of car­a­mel­ised figs with a chewy dried cube of fig in each scoop giv­ing an extra fig fla­vour, while the wal­nut was pleas­antly nutty and the very slight bit­ter­ness asso­ci­ated with wal­nut skin bal­anced out the sweet­ness of the fig.


The bright notes of rose­wa­ter in the Turkish Delight was a pleas­antly pal­ate-cleans­ing fla­vour. Each scoop had a chunk of red tof­fee like candy, which I’d thought was Turkish delight but was chewy and sweet without a rose­wa­ter fla­vour. The tex­ture of the Turkish Delight ice cream had much more chew than the Caramelised Fig & Walnut.

The tex­ture of the Turkish Delight ice cream had much more of the chew­iness of don­durma than the Caramelised Fig & Walnut as seems to be the case with their less creamy fla­vours.

A later vis­it saw us not being able to go past the Turkish Delight and pair­ing it with anoth­er flor­al water fla­vour: Orange Blossom. The orange blos­som fla­vour is far less pro­nounced than the Turkish Delight, with pops of notice­able flor­al fla­vour com­ing from the intensely orange swirls and the can­died orange rind. Overall, it tastes like a vanilla ice cream with refresh­ing and light orange swirls.


We try anoth­er two bak­lavas after a peek at their pastry cab­in­et.


This is the Sour Cherry Baklava ($4.00). The lay­ers of pastry were deli­ciously but­tery and moist with the sour cherry jam, which was pleas­antly sweet and not at all sour.

And because I enjoy their tahini and molasses ice cream so much, I try their Tahini and Molasses Baklava ($4.00). This had an intense savoury nut­ti­ness from the ses­ame, although it was much drier than the sour cherry and would’ve benefited from being more syr­upy.

For some reas­on, I thought their Rosehip Tea ($4.50) would not involve a tea bag. That it did for that price was dis­ap­point­ing, but I’m glad to see that they at least use Dogadan, a Turkish brand whose Apple Tea I enjoy immensely. This rose­hip had pleas­ant earthy fla­vour with a gentle acid­ity that was bal­anced by the sug­ar cube, recall­ing the fla­vour of beet­root.

Hakiki Turkish Ice Cream is at 1/​63 – 71 Enmore Rd, Newtown NSW 2042