Greenmax Green Tea Au Lait

An instant matcha is per­fect for when I’m short on time or just lazy — usu­ally in the office, but some­times at home. While Nescafe came out with instant matcha cap­sules for their Dolce Gusto cof­fee machine in Japan, I’ve had a hard time try­ing to find Japanese branded instant matcha or matcha latte in Sydney and have had to settle for Taiwanese or Korean brands.

I’ve found Taiwanese matcha lattes to be closer in fla­vour to Japanese matcha lattes. This here is Greenmax Green Tea Au Lait.

Diluting one bag with 150 ml of hot water gives a pas­tel green-yel­low liquor fra­grant with the smell of matcha. On tast­ing, the sweet veget­al notes of the matcha come through in the head with a pleas­ant hint of bit­ter­ness that’s well bal­anced by the sweet­ness. This fla­vour is sus­tained through the body and into the fin­ish, with a creamy mouth­feel and without a prom­in­ent dairy fla­vour, leav­ing a linger­ing after­taste of matcha. The matcha settles to the bot­tom of the cup between sips, so stir­ring is neces­sary to main­tain a bal­anced sweet­ness and matcha fla­vour. Overall, it recalls the fla­vour of those served in Japanese cafes both in Japan and in Sydney.

This bag of Greenmax Green Tea Au Lait con­tained 16 bags each con­tain­ing 20 g. It was pro­duced in Taiwan and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.