Good Luck Bakery, Blacktown


There was a peri­od in early 2016 where I went on a mini-quest to Chinese baker­ies to find a good red bean ses­ame ball. My con­stant talk of them had D crav­ing them so much that we searched for them in the shops sur­round­ing Westpoint in Blacktown. While there was no short­age of Vietnamese baker­ies, we con­cluded that there’s a dearth of Chinese baker­ies in Blacktown. A couple of months later, when the crav­ing had passed, we went to the gro­cer at Good Luck Plaza only to be reminded that next door is a Chinese bakery!


We’d seen the bakery before but dis­missed it from our memor­ies as its drab appear­ance, half empty shelves and lim­ited offer­ing weren’t the least bit enti­cing. But this time, D spots per­fectly round red bean ses­ame balls in the win­dow.


These red bean ses­ame balls are $1.80 each, a bit pri­ci­er than baker­ies more east, but isn’t it pretty? We weren’t expect­ing from this tiny bakery, but these turned out to taste the best so far when com­pared to those at Breadtop stores, Tai Baan Bakery and Emperor’s Garden Cafe & Bakery.


These have a deli­cious crispy ses­ame coat­ing hid­ing a chewy inner wall encas­ing the soft red bean filling. The ratio between the dough and red bean paste was just right, both in terms of tex­ture and size so that it didn’t form a lump in a corner, leav­ing half the ball without filling. On our first vis­it, the ses­ame ball was cool and not the slight­est bit oily. Our second vis­it saw a slight oil­i­ness to the coat­ing as they were still fresh from the fry­er, but the ses­ame ball did not leave an oily mouth­feel. These are best con­sumed fresh, as the dough loses it’s elasti­city and becomes tough with­in a day.

Another of my favour­ite pastries from Hong Kong baker­ies is Wife Cake ($2.00).

Here, the pastry is thick, heavy and dense, while the filling lacks the fla­vour of can­died win­ter­mel­on. But that’s to be expec­ted as wife cake is nev­er much to speak of out­side Hong Kong, where the fla­vour and flaky tex­ture of the pastry achieved using pork lard short­en­ing has been sub­sti­tuted with but­ter, which alters the taste.

We’ll be back for the red bean ses­ame balls.

Good Luck Bakery is at 4/​19 First Ave, Blacktown NSW 2148.