Gohobi Fruit Collagen Jelly Pear Atagonashi


Okayama is blessed with a sun-filled, mild cli­mate, mak­ing it home to a vari­ety of sweet, fra­grant, and deli­cious high-qual­ity fruits. While their white peaches and grapes are most not­able, Okayama is also home to the Atago nashi, a late sea­son nashi known for its large size, often weigh­ing in at over a kilo­gram. The Japanese com­monly gift Atago nashi over the new year.

All year round, though, Japanese women tout the bene­fits of col­la­gen. There is no end to the col­la­gen products avail­able, many of which are edible like beer and gummy candy. I’m not sold on the bene­fits of con­sum­ing col­la­gen infused products (the col­la­gen levels in these products are not usu­ally high enough for any bene­fi­cial effect), but I’m always open to eat­ing tasty products.

And here, we have Gohobi Fruit Collagen Jelly Pear Atagonashi which brings the alleged bene­fits of con­sum­ing col­la­gen with the sweet, slightly tart and crisp fla­vour of the Atago nashi.


Each tube con­tains 12 sticks of jelly fla­voured with Atago nashi and con­tain­ing 200mg of col­la­gen. The jelly must be chilled before con­sump­tion, with freez­ing being the recom­men­ded meth­od.


They have a soft jelly con­sist­ency with a golden yel­low col­our at room tem­per­at­ure, but firm to a crisp out­side skin around a centre of firmer jelly with a light­er yel­low col­our when frozen.These jelly sticks are bright with the fresh sweet­ness of nashi pears with any fla­vour from the col­la­gen well masked to not inter­fere with the fla­vour of the fruit. These make for a refresh­ing nashi pear fla­voured snack.

This tube of Gohobi Fruit Collagen Jelly Pear Atagonashi con­tained 12 sticks. It was pro­duced in Japan and pur­chased in Kurashiki, Okayama, Japan in 2015.