Cafe Cre Asion, Sydney


Regardless of where N and I are, what we eat is forever dic­tated by what we want for dessert. Dessert makes the meal. And way back when it was my birth­day, dessert was to be at Cafe Cre Asion.


The main reas­on is that it was the only place in Sydney that I know serves a Houjicha Latte ($5.00) (now there is Cafe Kentaro in Surry Hills). After my deli­cious iced houjicha latte at Nana’s Green Tea, I was keen to repeat the exper­i­ence, and the one here hits all the rights spots. There’s the sweet, car­a­mel notes of roas­ted green tea in the body with the milk provid­ing a pleas­ant cream­i­ness you don’t find in drink­ing the tea itself.


And this is the Houjicha Chiffon Cake ($4.50). I wanted so much to like this cake because I love houjicha, but frankly, this tasted like what I ima­gine dog food to taste like from the smell from the dog food aisle at the super­mar­ket. There is no detect­able hint of houjicha, and the chif­fon is more dry than I prefer. The cream was lightly whipped cream fla­voured with houjicha leaf but the taste of dairy was unpleas­ant and over­whelmed.


We love that Cafe Cre Asion cre­ates macar­ons in Japanese fla­vours ($16 for 6). Here we have, from left to right, 2 jas­mine, 2 houjicha, 1 lychee and rasp­berry, and 1 yuzu. You can find a more detailed review of these fla­vours (and the oth­ers avail­able!) from our earli­er vis­it.


Cafe Cre Asion is loc­ated at 101/​21 Alberta Street, Sydney NSW 2000.