Barmuda, Newtown


Carbs are their own kind of sat­is­fy­ing. Nothing beats a good a crispy potato dish, and the menu at Barmuda in Newtown has potato cake fea­tur­ing in vari­ous dishes on their per­man­ent menu. It’s a stone’s throw from the fam­ous Blackstar Pastry, lit­er­ally two stores down (or is it up?).


We start with an Iced Hot Chocolate ($6.90) made with chocol­ate shav­ings, hot milk, ice cubes and topped with ice cream and chocol­ate sauce. This tasted decent, although the pile of unmelted chocol­ate shav­ings at the bot­tom with a nar­row straw made sip­ping dif­fi­cult. It came out warm, though, before the rather icy ice cream and ice cubes had star­ted to cool it down.


Shortly after, the Potato Stack ($16.50) arrives. It’s two squares of crispy potato cake with scrambled eggs, grilled egg­plant, rock­et and tomato rel­ish.


The potato cake, a layered cake of potato slices, tastes like super crispy thick cut potato chips (think Tyrrell’s Crisps but thick­er), while the scrambled eggs are silky smooth and the tomato com­pon­ents added deli­cious pops of acid­ity. The only dis­ap­point­ment my hope for an egg­plant steak rather than the slith­er.


T goes for The Local ($16.50) with two poached free range eggs, baked beans, bal­sam­ic and rose­mary mush­rooms, potato cake roas­ted toma­toes and toast. The eggs were poached per­fectly, the baked beans were tooth­some yet soft in the middle, and the mush­rooms were just tasty. The hearty amount of food for the same price as the Potato Stack makes this a win­ner.


The good food and the quick and friendly ser­vice makes Barmuda a place to return.

Barmuda is loc­ated at 283 Australia St, Newtown NSW 2042.