Baileys Original Ice Cream


Ice cream is D and my favour­ite go-to dessert almost every week, and we always wel­come new fla­vours and pro­mo­tions on premi­um fla­vours. And this is Baileys Original Ice Cream, a very nat­ur­al format for the cream liqueur that is Baileys. My first, and only, encounter with Baileys was in an Irish cream tiram­isu D and I made many years ago, and we enjoyed its creamy and boozy kick.


The ice cream is an Irish cream base with swirls of the liqueur through­out and min­im­al air con­tent. A sniff reveals the pleas­ant smell of Baileys, while a taste finds a rich and creamy sweet­ness dom­in­at­ing before a more subtle Baileys fla­vour comes through towards the end. While fla­voured with Baileys, it’s not an alco­hol­ic ice cream — it’s sold in the nor­mal ice cream sec­tion at super­mar­kets — and a slight boozy whisky kick would’ve giv­en just the edge to cut through the intensely rich and creamy sweet­ness. Without the alco­hol­ic note, it’s not much more than very good creamy ice cream.

Original Ice Cream was pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2016.