Schweppes Traditionals Sarsaparilla

This Schweppes Traditional Sarsaparilla is part of their Traditionals col­lec­tion and one you’d find in most Sydney super­mar­kets. D and I appre­ci­ate the bal­ance of car­bon­a­tion, fla­vours and sweet­ness in the Bundaberg, but this Schweppes is the one we reach for when we’re after volume to quench our thirst or crav­ing for sar­sa­parilla.

This is well-car­bon­ated bever­age using nat­ur­al fla­vours, although not brewed, with a deep brown-black col­our and prom­in­ent liquorice nose. Consumed ice-cold, the gen­er­ous car­bon­a­tion masks the fla­vours in the head of the sip briefly before pleas­antly sharp notes of liquorice bal­anced with sweet vanilla and car­a­mel fla­vours emerge and linger long in the body, fol­lowed by refresh­ing hints of win­ter­green in the fin­ish. Sweet liquorice notes linger on the pal­ate. There may be too much fizz in the ini­tial sips, but the bever­age loses some of its effer­ves­cence by mid-glass and brings for­ward gentle hints of mint ahead of the vanilla and car­a­mel.

We enjoy the even sweet­ness of the vanilla and car­a­mel, the assert­ive­ness of the liquorice notes and sub­tlety of the hints of win­ter­green in this Schweppes Sarsaparilla. Fizz issues aside, we con­sider its taste com­par­able to Bundaberg’s well-roun­ded sar­sa­parilla. This is espe­cially so when Schweppes is avail­able for a frac­tion of Bundaberg’s price.

This bottle of Schweppes Traditional Sarsaparilla con­tained 1.25 litres. It was bottled in Australia and was pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017