San Churro Chocolateria, Glebe


The first time I ate churros was at San Churro Chocolateria in Glebe with D in 2008. I remem­ber because it was the one year I spent at the University of Sydney before jump­ing ship. For no par­tic­u­lar reas­on, I’d not eaten authen­t­ic churros since (we tried baked churros at Oliver Brown once) until eight years on when I return coin­cid­ent­ally to the same shop in Glebe. It’s still there and it still looks the same.


There are lot of new items on the menu, though, and this is the Classic Spanish ($5.95). It’s descrip­tion of being a thick and rich hot chocol­ate is an under­state­ment, though. It comes out steam­ing hot, and thick and rich enough to be eaten with a spoon like a chocol­ate cus­tard made of mol­ten blocks of chocol­ate.


T goes for an Iced Coffee ($7.95) and is sur­prised by the fancy arrange­ment on a tray. The glass is layered with milk, espresso cof­fee and whipped cream, to be topped by the scoop of vanilla ice cream, and the pitch­er of milk. T quite enjoyed his cof­fee.


This is the Crema Catalana ($12.95), served with mini cin­na­mon churros and vanilla ice cream.


The chilled and baked vanilla creme was every bit as thick and vel­vety as prom­ised, and very deli­cious for dip­ping the churros into. I’m not usu­ally one for cus­tards — this was T’s pick — and was pleas­antly sur­prised at how much I enjoyed it.


N and I have trouble nar­row­ing down what we want in their extens­ive menu, so we go back to basics and share Churros for Two ($14.95) with 6 churros and 2 pots of melted couver­ture chocol­ate.


The churros are deli­ciously crispy on the out­side and pil­low soft on the inside, mak­ing them per­fectly sat­is­fy­ing. I always go in think­ing I prefer the dark chocol­ate to dip into, only to find myself going back for the milk chocol­ate, which is sweeter and without the bit­ter notes. I like my desserts sweet, after all.

I really quite enjoyed San Churro Chocolateria with its more var­ied menu than Max Brenner and Oliver Brown, so I must return more often than once every 8 years!

San Churro Chocolateria is loc­ated at 47 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe NSW 2037.