Pine Nashi Throat Candy

Autumn is the sea­son for nashi. I love their crisp, juicy and refresh­ing fla­vour so much that they form part of the name­sake to this web­site. So, it goes without say­ing that I have a fond­ness for foods fla­vour with nashi. These Pine Nashi Throat Candy were released in September 2015, just in time, they say, for the fatigue and ail­ments of the upcom­ing autumn sea­son into winter.

The candy uses juice from nashi pears pro­duced in Japan. Each piece is spher­ic­al with a menthol centre, sur­roun­ded by a nashi fla­voured hard candy core and a sur­face of sweet nashi fla­voured powder.

The rich fla­vour of juicy nashi pear comes through instantly from the sweet powder coat­ing. As the powder dis­solves, the crisper notes of fresh nashi come through from the hard candy core, with a slight hint of acid­ity emer­ging as the powder dis­sip­ates — much like the core of nashi pear, although not so strong — to bal­ance the sweet­ness. About 5 minutes in, the centre releases a small amount of menthol to give a refresh­ing fin­ish with the gentle taste of nashi pear. The candy con­tin­ues dis­solv­ing for anoth­er 5 minutes, although the famili­ar­ity of my taste buds to candy means that the fla­vour tastes only slightly sweet with the barest hints of nashi. Overall, this is candy has true nashi fla­vour with an enjoy­able com­plex­ity.

This bag of Pine Nashi Throat Candy con­tained 90 g. It was pro­duced in Japan and pur­chased in Minoh, Osaka, Japan in 2015.