Passionflower, Haymarket


Passionflower has been around for a long time as far as the life span of dessert par­lours are con­cerned. Over time, they’ve evolved from a chan­ging menu with adven­tur­ous Asia-inspired fla­vours, like was­abi, to an more per­man­ent menu of crowd favour­ites and expan­ded their offer­ings of waffles and par­faits.


This is the Geisha San ($15.50) with ‘green tea and lychee rose ice cream lav­ished with lychee and orange’.


The lychee and rose ice cream at Passionflower is one of my favour­ite fla­vours with fresh notes of sweet lychee and mel­low flor­al notes of rose. The matcha ice cream is also a standout, hav­ing a bright green tea fla­vour without being overly sweet or milky. The pieces of lychee flesh went well with the ice cream, but the acid­ic pieces of orange were neither here nor there in the fla­vours of this par­fait.


And the Traffic Lights ($7.50 each). Red is Talk to the Hand, a water­mel­on and lychee fizz with lime sorbet. Amber is Play if you Dare, a peach and mango bit­ter fizz with lime sorbet. Green is Easy Come Easy Go, an apple and kiwi fizz with lime sorbet. The staff made some unso­li­cited changes to these drinks: they came with mango sorbet and not lime sorbet, and the Red Talk to the Hand came with straw­ber­ries instead of lychees. I’m not ter­ribly fussed by the changes, but I’d have appre­ci­ated some acknow­ledge­ment.


These drinks were lightly car­bon­ated and taste much like their base syr­up of water­mel­on, peach and apple, with the added fruits adding fla­vour only upon eat­ing them rather than to the liquid itself. The strong fla­vour of the mango sorbet over­whelmed and did not com­ple­ment the fla­vours of the water­mel­on or apple, and went well only with the Amber, which already had mango as a com­pon­ent. The zesty cit­rus notes of a lime sorbet would have made for a more refresh­ing bever­age.

Asia inspired fla­vours of ice cream are Passionflower’s strength, and it’s what I always return to enjoy.

Passionflower is loc­ated at Shop G12, Capitol Square, 730 – 742 George Street, Haymarket NSW 2000