Nestle KitKat Tohoku Mixed Juice

Mixed juice fea­tured on many cafe menus dur­ing our last trip to Japan. That’s not to say it became trendy in 2015, but that we had a firmer grasp on read­ing Japanese than on pre­vi­ous trips. But being able to read doesn’t mean we know what it means, so we left without try­ing the ‘mixed juices’ we saw on menus. It turns out it’s just a blend of dif­fer­ent fruit juices, as is the case with this Nestle KitKat Tohoku Mixed Juice.

Released in December 2015, these KitKat con­sist of wafers sand­wich­ing a sweet cream and enrobed in a white chocol­ate infused with a blend of fruit juices from the Tohoku region: apples in Aomori pre­fec­ture, cher­ries in Yamagata pre­fec­ture, and peaches in Fukushima pre­fec­ture. The Tohoku region, which was dev­ast­ated by the earth­quake and tsunami in 2011, is the focus of these KitKats as 10 yen from each box sold were donated towards recon­struc­tion efforts in the region, spe­cific­ally, plant­ing cherry trees in the new Sakurasaku Baseball Stadium in Fukushima Prefecture sched­uled for com­ple­tion in 2016.

The KitKat has all the appear­ances of a straw­berry KitKat but has dis­tinct smells of apple and cherry. On tast­ing, the apple provides a gentle acid­ity, with the refresh­ing sweet­ness of white peach and a subtle sharp­ness from the cherry. As the chocol­ate melts to a creamy con­sist­ency, an after­taste of faint cherry is left on the pal­ate. The cherry fla­vour is much like that in the cherry fla­vour Starbursts toned down dra­mat­ic­ally to be very enjoy­able. The sand­wich­ing cream was sweet without any iden­ti­fi­ably fruity notes — per­haps they really did use crushed up KitKats in true KitKat style? — and the over­all fla­vour of the KitKat was rather simple through­out the bite without any trans­ition of fla­vours in stark con­trast to the com­plex­ity of fla­vours in the Nestle KitKat Citrus Golden Blend.

This box of Nestle KitKat Tohoku Mix Juice con­tained 3 mini bars. It was pro­duced in Japan and pur­chased in Kyoto, Japan in 2015.