Lim’s Hot Bread, Eastwood


It’s the most curi­ous thing that all Vietnamese baker­ies have ‘hot bread’ in their name. Also without fail, all Vietnamese baker­ies sell bánh mì thịtLim’s Hot Bread in Eastwood is no dif­fer­ent. Situated on the Chinese side of Eastwood sta­tion, it’s been open for over twenty years and their bánh mì thịt ($5.00) is the talk of loc­als.


Their clas­sic bánh mì thịt comes with everything you’d expect: spreads of butter/​mayonnaise and pork liv­er pâté, slices of pork and chả lụa, cucum­ber, pickled and juli­enned car­rot, cil­antro, and a drizzle of soy sauce. They also offer sliced (green) chilli and spring onion, although I’m not a fan.


The baguette here is a good size with enough crust to give a good crunch without hurt­ing your mouth. The meat is gen­er­ous and the accom­pa­ny­ing salad is fresh and gives a good cool­ing crunch, although they could be more gen­er­ous with their cil­antro. The butter/​mayonnaise or pork liv­er pâté (it’s hard to tell) leaves an oily taste that’s notice­able on its own, but not when eaten as a whole, although impress­ively, their drizzle of soy sauce gives fla­vour without leav­ing a soggy baguette.

Overall, it’s a tasty bánh mì thịt and well worth the price (cheap­er than those closer to the city) for its size. The ser­vice friendly with the lady con­firm­ing modi­fic­a­tions to your stand­ard ‘pork roll with everything’ verbally.

Lim’s Hot Bread is loc­ated at 10 Progress Ave, Eastwood NSW 2122.