Hungry Jack’s Barista Bros Frozen Iced Coffee

A sum­mer addi­tion to Hungry Jack’s Penny Pinchers Menu is the Barista Bros Frozen Iced Coffee ($2.00). Coming in its own branded cup, it con­sists of Barista Bros cof­fee fla­voured frozen mix­ture made with 100% Arabica cof­fee, soft serve and chocol­ate dust­ing. D and I enjoy the bottles of iced cof­fee by Barista Bros, so we had high hopes for this col­lab­or­a­tion with Hungry Jack’s.

Alas, any hopes for a frappe ver­sion of their bottled products are bound to be dis­ap­poin­ted. First up, the col­our is of an off-white than the light brown iced cof­fee col­our sug­ges­ted by the advert­ising. And second, the cof­fee com­pon­ent is a cof­fee-fla­voured frozen mix­ture made from a machine much like a slush­ie or the frozen Coke and Fanta bever­ages long sold at Hungry Jack’s.

Being cof­fee-fla­voured, the bever­age takes on the fla­vour of a sweet cof­fee syr­up rather than a more aro­mat­ic espresso shot. Combined with the slight effer­ves­cence in the frozen mix­ture, the bever­age recalls the fla­vour of a cof­fee fla­voured cola like Coca-Cola BlāK. The creamy com­pon­ent of the iced cof­fee comes from the soft serve, although it’s dif­fi­cult to mix the soft serve in with the iced cof­fee part to get a decent creamy cof­fee drink, so while you can enjoy the soft serve in its own right — which has a milki­er fla­vour than the one at McDonald’s — the cof­fee syr­up fla­vour becomes too much by the end.

We’ll stick to the bottles of iced cof­fee by Barista Bros in the future.

Barista Bros Frozen Iced Coffee appeared on Hungry Jack’s menus in Sydney, Australia dur­ing January 2017.