Hatakosen Uji Matcha Ramune

While lem­on-lime is the ori­gin­al ramune fla­vour, there are dozens of oth­ers — some are fruit-based, some are more adven­tur­ous (for example, was­abi, chilli oil or cream pot­tage). One of the safer non-fruit fla­vours is Hatakosen Uji Matcha Ramune. It’s made with matcha from Uji, Kyoto and comes in the clas­sic Codd-neck bottle with a marble stop­per that’s popped into the spe­cial cham­ber in the neck of the bottle before drink­ing.

This Uji Matcha Ramune is a trans­lu­cent deep green col­our with a sweet veget­al nose. On tast­ing, fra­grant, veget­al matcha notes are prom­in­ent and sus­tained through­out each sip with the sweet­ness of tra­di­tion­al lem­on-lime ramune and an enjoy­able effer­ves­cence, before leav­ing a linger­ing sweet matcha after­taste. With matcha rarely con­sumed with sug­ar, the sweet matcha fla­vour recalls that of a matcha latte without the cream­i­ness. For lov­ers of ramune who enjoy matcha the sharp­er veget­al notes of matcha are well bal­anced by the sweet­ness here to cre­ate an enjoy­able and refresh­ing bever­age that will not dis­ap­point.

This bottle of Hatakosen Uji Matcha Ramune con­tained 200 ml. It was bottled in Japan and was pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.