Greenwood Yuzucha

Yuzu-cha is deli­ciously refresh­ing. After delight­ing our taste buds with the one at Chococro St Marc Cafe, we brought home a jar of sugared, peeled, depulped, and thinly sliced yuzu — a yuzu marmalade of sorts — to make it at home. It most often comes in jars but it can also be found in stick form as in Muji Yuzu Tea. We’d make it ourselves — the recipe is simple enough — but for the rar­ity of fresh yuzu in Australia.

The sugared yuzu is a pale yel­low col­our with sliced yuzu rind through­out. Dissolving 2 – 3 table­spoons in 150 – 180 ml of water yields a pale yel­low bever­age that looks much like a lem­on pub squash and smells sweet and cit­rusy. In terms of fla­vour, there’s a flor­al honey sweet­ness with an under­tone of yuzu from the head through to the fin­ish with little after­taste. The yuzu fla­vour is neither bright nor fra­grant from the bever­age itself and comes through only as you bite through the yuzu rind. The pro­nounced flor­al honey fla­vour here over­whelms, pre­vent­ing the bright fra­grance of the yuzu from tak­ing centre stage.

We must look into grow­ing our own yuzu tree so that we can make yuzu-cha ourselves!

This jar of Greenwood Yuzucha con­tained 600 g. It was bottled in Japan and pur­chased in Okayama, Japan in 2015.