Glico Pretz Ultrafine Nori

Seaweed pops up in the diet of many East Asian coun­tries, but per­haps it’s best known for its use in Japanese cuisine with the pop­ular­isa­tion of crisp sheets of nori in sushi. Of course, sea­weed pops up in oth­er tasty formats, such as wakame in miso soup or kombu as a com­pon­ent in dashi broth.

Because nori is deli­cious, here we have Glico Pretz Ultrafine Nori.

These ultrafine Pretz are about half the dia­met­er of stand­ard Pretz and dus­ted in a fine nori salt.

The nori fla­vour comes through prom­in­ently in the smell of each Pretz, but only faintly as a pleas­ant savoury umami on tast­ing being over­whelmed by the more toasty fla­vours of the bis­cuit itself. When more sticks are eaten at once — around 5 – 10 — though, the nori fla­vour comes through more strongly on tast­ing and devel­ops a slight pep­pery heat as you keep eat­ing. A much stronger nori fla­vour would’ve been well appre­ci­ated.

This pack of Glico Pretz Ultrafine Nori con­tained 100 pieces. It was pro­duced in Japan and pur­chased in Osaka, Japan in 2015.