Glico Pretz Ultrafine Jaga-bata

Potatoes are a deli­cious car­bo­hydrate. They’re great fried as shoes­tring fries and or thick cut chips, and deli­cious as oven-roas­ted cubes, but they’re also amaz­ing baked and seasoned with a very gen­er­ous knob of but­ter. In Japan, this is a pop­u­lar fest­iv­al and street food called jaga-bata.

So of course, there are Glico Pretz Ultrafine Jaga-bata to cel­eb­rate its rich fla­vour.

As ultrafine Pretz, each bag has 111 pieces, made with 11% potato and lightly dus­ted with salt.

These smell deli­ciously but­tery, with a savoury umami hit­ting your tongue ahead of a but­ter fla­vour that’s very rich with pro­nounced dairy notes and bor­ders almost on a cheese-y fla­vour. The more­ish fla­vour of potato — like a potato chip but thick­er and baked — comes through in the bis­cuit with a slight sweet­ness — much like a baked starchy potato — to cre­ate the deli­cious jaga-bata fla­vour. The thin­ness of these ultra fine Pretz makes them all the more addict­ive, increas­ing both their crispi­ness as well as the fla­vour delivered. Overall, the fla­vour reminds one of a less tangy and more but­tery Salad Pretz.

This pack of Glico Pretz Ultrafine Jaga Bata con­tained 111 pieces. It was pro­duced in Japan and pur­chased on Osaka, Japan in 2015.