Glico Pretz Shoyu

The umami-rich fla­vours of soy sauce are an essen­tial con­di­ment and ingredi­ent in Japanese cuisine. While ori­gin­at­ing from China, Japanese soy sauce or shoyu, has since developed its own sweeter fla­vour as a res­ult of using wheat as a primary ingredi­ent in most of its pro­duc­tion.

And here, we have Glico Pretz Shoyu, which takes on the sweeter fal­vours of Japanese soy sauce.

The bis­cuits in this Shoyu Pretz have are than stand­ard Pretz with the top-side of the wider sur­face covered with a shiny soy sauce glaze much like a sen­bei.

These Shoyu Pretz have an umami-rich smell that trans­lates dir­ectly to a deeply savoury and aro­mat­ic soy sauce fla­vour much like the kind used in Japanese cuisine, par­tic­u­larly for eat­ing with sushi. The fla­vour builds through to the middle of the bite, before reced­ing to a sweeter fla­vour from the bis­cuit and leav­ing a slightly sweet savoury after­taste. The bis­cuit itself is very crunchy and with the soy sauce glaze, recalls the fla­vour of a salty soy sauce sen­bei but with the dens­ity of a bis­cuit rather than the light­ness of the rice crack­er.

This box of Glico Pretz Shoyu con­tained 2 packs each with 10 pieces. It was pro­duced in Japan and pur­chased in Osaka, Japan in 2015.