Glico Pretz Osatsu

Autumn is the sea­son for sweet potato in Japan. They’re a pop­u­lar winter veget­able used in both sweet and savoury dishes in res­taur­ants and cake shops, but simply grilling, peel­ing and eat­ing them plain (yaki-imo) is one of the most basic and com­mon ways to eat it. Street vendors set up out­side inde­pend­ent gro­cery shops or pulling carts or driv­ing trucks filled with grilled sweet potato are a fre­quent sight when vis­it­ing Japan.

Here we have Glico Pretz Osatsu, a sea­son­al edi­tion for autumn.

These Sweet Potato Pretz con­sist of a bis­cuit made with sweet potato and covered with sug­ar crys­tals.

The smell of a fra­grant sweet­ness is strong on open­ing the pack­aging. On tast­ing, though, it’s a savoury fla­vour that emerges ahead of the sweet­ness from the sug­ar crys­tals, before the earthy and flor­al fla­vours of sweet potato emerge in the body from the bis­cuit, recall­ing the com­fort­ing fla­vour of a yaki-imo on a cold autumn day. A pleas­ant molasses-like flor­al sweet­ness lingers on the pal­ate.

Like a sweet potato, though, the sweet­ness is mel­low — markedly so com­pared to their smell — and the slight savoury note takes these Pretz out of dessert ter­rit­ory. The bis­cuit is crisp, made all the more so by a hard sug­ar glaze beneath the sug­ar crys­tals. Together, these make for immensely more­ish Pretz.

This box of Glico Pretz Osatsu con­tained 2 packs each with ~20 pieces. It was pro­duced in Japan and pur­chased in Osaka, Japan in 2015.