Glico Pocky Wagokoro Matcha

The Japanese tea cere­mony cap­tures, in many ways, the essence of the Japanese spir­itu­al aes­thet­ic. Its elab­or­ate per­form­ance strips non-essen­tial objects and move­ments from the pre­par­a­tion of matcha in accord­ance with a Zen Buddhist approach to life. If there was ever any doubt as to the refine­ment of this cul­tur­al ritu­al, one need only to read The Book of Tea by Kakuzō Okakura.

And here we have Glico Pocky Wagokoro Matcha. The word wag­okoro com­bines wa mean­ing ‘Japanese style’ and gokoro mean­ing ‘heart’, ‘mind’ or ‘spir­it’. Matcha — ground green tea leaf — is the fla­vour at the heart of the Japanese spir­itu­al aes­thet­ic.

These Wagokoro Matcha Pocky con­sist of a matcha fla­voured bis­cuit stick covered in bits of crunchy matcha cook­ie and enrobed in milk chocol­ate.

The sweet smell of chocol­ate comes through in on open­ing the pack­age of these Pocky with lim­ited a matcha pres­ence. On eat­ing, the chunky mouth­feel of the cook­ies and enrob­ing chocol­ate is lux­uri­ous. The milk chocol­ate is the first to hit your pal­ate fol­lowed by a mel­low matcha fla­vour from the cook­ie crumbs that recedes briefly as the chocol­ate melts. The matcha fla­vour returns as you reach the beau­ti­ful green bis­cuit as a pleas­antly bal­anced and smooth milk chocol­ate fla­vour with sweet veget­al matcha notes that become more prom­in­ent in the fin­ish and leave a fra­grant matcha after­taste long on the pal­ate.

This box of Glico Pocky Wagokoro Matcha con­tained 4 packs each with 6 pieces. It was pro­duced in Japan and pur­chased in Hiroshima, Japan in 2015.