Doux Amour, Rosebery


I have a weak­ness for the cute, espe­cially when it comes to food. Like anim­al donuts. I can’t help myself des­pite that it’s not often that cute food trans­lates to deli­cious food. Doux Amour in Rosebery, though, is the delight­ful excep­tion, serving up super cute cook­ie puffs that are every bit as deli­cious as you’d hoped.


These cook­ie puffs ($7.40 each) are choux pastry spheres with a sweet craquelin crust and fla­voured cream dressed up as super cute anim­als for each of the six fla­vours. They were out of the Chai-ger, the chai cook­ie puff, and Nutty Freckle Bear, the nutella cook­ie puff, but we man­aged to try the oth­er four –


This is Rosie, the rose and lychee pig.


Piggie has a pink craquelin body with sug­ar ears and snout as well as chocol­ate eyes.


This is our favour­ite of the four. The rose and lychee cream is refresh­ingly light and packed with a good hit of both fla­vours from the first bite. It’s a clas­sic pair­ing done beau­ti­fully.


This is Blackie, the black ses­ame pen­guin.


Blackie is the cutest of the four, with his black craquelin body and sug­ar facial fea­tures. He looks super chuffed bal­an­cing his macar­on hat.


This black ses­ame cook­ie puff is a standout with the strongest black ses­ame fla­vour I’ve encountered out­side of eat­ing black tahini straight from the jar or as a sweet soup in Hong Kong. The strong nutty notes of the black ses­ame pair well with the thin pastry and the light­ness of the cream.


This is Macho, the matcha turtle.


T and I had trouble decid­ing wheth­er Macho was a frog or a turtle, before N poin­ted out the descrip­tion on the wall con­firm­ing his turtle roots. He has a green craquelin crust with sug­ar eyes.


This one is for every matcha fan, with a green tea fla­vour that’s strong and lightly sweet, but without being bit­ter.


This is O-be, the Ube/​Taro Octopus.


O-be has a purple craqulin body with sugared eyes and tentacles.


We pre­ferred the oth­er three to O-be, as we’re not great fans of taro. That said, it’s still tasty with a good taro fla­vour, although it’s not as strong as the oth­ers and faded into a gen­er­ic sweet­ness by the second bite.


And a Lady Grey Latte ($3.50). It was creamy with good foam and fra­grant cit­rus notes. I would have pre­ferred it a touch less sweet.


Light tex­tures and strong fla­vours make these cute cook­ie puffs abso­lutely deli­cious. It’s a pity Doux Amour is not con­veni­ently loc­ated closer to the City. The staff at Doux Amour are friendly, build­ing effort­less rap­port with their cus­tom­ers as they enjoy their cook­ie puffs (and Where’s Wally books).

Doux Amour is loc­ated at 2/​797 Botany Rd, Rosebery NSW 2018.