Brickfields, Chippendale


Brickfields always has a cab­in­et packed with baked good­ies, and this a quick round up of the ones I’ve had recently.


This is their Rose and Quince Tart ($6.00). It’s my first time eat­ing quince, and I’ve since dis­covered that quince is highly astrin­gent and ined­ible when raw, so of course, this is cooked. It has an enjoy­able apple-like bite and tex­ture, a vanilla-like sweet­ness and a cit­rus-like tart­ness. The quince sits atop a light rose infused creme patis­siere, while the pomegranate provides fun bursts of acid­ity.


This is their Black Sesame Cookie ($3.50). It’s made with a coconut base, so the cook­ie has a good chewy tex­ture as you’d expect. The black ses­ame fla­vour is present, although not strong enough to mask the com­pet­ing taste of coconut.


And back to their more stand­ard pastries, this is their Apple Galette ($6.00), with a but­tery pastry that’s extra flaky and crispy with thin slices of sweet and tart apples. The glaze provides just enough sweet, mak­ing this galette a pleas­ure to eat.

Brickfields is loc­ated at 206 Cleveland St, Chippendale NSW 2008.