Nittoh Black Tea Apple Tea

Instant teas are what I reach for when it’s been a long day. The sum­mer heat just sucks the energy out of me. And this Nittoh Black Tea Apple Tea is per­fect when you want some­thing sweet and refresh­ing now without the fuss of tea bags, scales, infusers or teapots.

Dissolving 13 grams of the tea powder in 150 ml of cold water yields a red-brown trans­lu­cent liquor with a slight froth on the sur­face cre­ated by stir­ring that settles slowly. The tea has a crisp and sweet apple nose, while on tast­ing, gentle notes of sweet black tea come through in the head that are fol­lowed quickly by sweet apple notes recall­ing apple juice. The apple fla­vour builds in the body to a fresh, crisp fla­vour towards the fin­ish, leav­ing a linger­ing long crisp apple after­taste that’s immensely refresh­ing.

This tea can be also pre­pared hot at the same ratio, which res­ults in a sim­il­arly deli­cious bever­age, although slightly less refresh­ing giv­en the warmth, but per­fect for the cool­er autum­nal weath­er.

This bag of Nittoh Black Tea Apple Tea con­tained 400 g or 30 serves. It was pro­duced in Japan and pur­chased in Osaka, Japan in 2011.